Company Law

Küresel Law & Consultancy has a broad-based working area, particularly in company law. Our office provides consultancy services to many companies in all forms of trade, in the negotiation stages of all kinds of structural actions of companies.

With their knowledge and practical experience, our lawyers provide services especially for establishing and structuring companies, regulation of the duties and authorities of the board of directors and representatives, amendments in articles of association, merger and spin-off procedures, change of type and title, general assembly meetings, annulment of the resolutions of the general assembly and shareholders' assembly, procedures of the capital increase and decrease, preparation and examination of shareholders' agreement and special-quality commercial contracts such as franchising, know-how, joint venture, dealership and distributorship, capital financing and public offering procedures. In addition, micro and macro investment assessments are performed regarding the sectors in which client companies operate, and our clients are informed about national and international investment opportunities and incentives by conducting regional market research.