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The Health Law, whose importance is increasing every day due to the developments in our law in recent years, has been specifically put under the microscope by our team and exclusive academic studies have been carried out on this subject. Jurists within Global Law participated in certification programs in this field, followed the Legislation and the Case Law established by the Supreme Court up to date.

The services we provide within this scope are indicated below under general headings:

• Legal counseling to private hospitals, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies on national and international scale
• Monitoring of the bureaucratic procedures in the presence of the Ministry of Health and SSI and the representation of the client in the presence of institutions
• Preparation of the agreements on sectoral basis and process management
• Representation of the client pharmaceutical companies in the administrative procedures, obtaining the official authorisation and licences
• Litigation in the intellectual property disputes arising from the violations of brand and patent on a sectoral basis
• Registration of the pharmaceutical brands
• Patent registration of inventions belonging to clients
• Representation of the clients in the presence of administrative institutions and courts in the doctor mistakes (malpractice) resulting from medical attention.