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In addition to having a team that keeps up-to-date on legislative changes in Administrative Jurisdiction, our office also has a distinguishable service quality in this field with its academic consultants. Our lawyers successfully represent our clients in the litigation of cases of cancellation of full judicial and administrative acts to be filed in Administrative Courts and the Council of State against administrative sanctions, resolution of disputes and objections to decisions of the Public Procurement Authority, objections to the reconstruction and settlement proceedings of municipalities and the operation of the judicial process.
Our office also provides practical and commercial solutions to minimize tax liabilities within legal limits by making use of the tax advantages of clients. In this context, negotiations on reconciliation are conducted at the tax authorities and correction requests are pursued on behalf of our clients. In addition, on behalf of our clients who have an accrued tax penalty, cases for the cancellation of the tax penalty notice and payment order are carried out, and our clients are represented at the Criminal Courts regarding tax and smuggling crimes.