Our company, in addition to representing its clients in court and arbitration institutions in the resolution of legal disputes, provides consulting services with the principle of “guardian advocacy” by taking prior measures in matters that are likely to arise in dispute.
Birleşme Davaları
Mergers & Acquisitions

Our office offers consulting services in respect of preparation of the goodwill agreements, determining the legal status of...

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Energy & Mining Law

A wide-reaching consultancy service is provided to companies and public institutions operating in the energy and mining field.

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Gayrimenkul & İnşaat Hukuku
Real Estate & Building Laws

With its increasing experience in real estate law each passing day; it provides legal counseling in preparing the ....

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icra iflas hukuku
Enforcement & Bankruptcy Law

Küresel Law & Consultancy provides services to many corporate companies on a national basis, especially in the field of Enforcement Law...

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rekabet hukuku
Competition Law

Our office provides legal consultancy services to national and international companies in various areas of competition law. Within this scope,

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İlaç hukuku sağlık hakları
Healthcare & Medicine Law

The Health Law, whose importance is increasing every day due to the developments in our law in recent years, has been specifically put

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Company Law

Küresel Law & Consultancy has a broad-based working area, particularly in company law. Our office provides consultancy services to...

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tanıma tenfiz davaları
Recognition and Enforcement Cases

Recognition and Enforcement Cases are a type of lawsuit filed in order for decisions made in foreign countries to be valid in our country.

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idare ve vergi hukuku
Administrative & Tax Law

In addition to having a team that keeps up-to-date on legislative changes in Administrative Jurisdiction, our office also has a distinguishable service quality in this field with its academic...

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iş ve sosyal güvenlik hukuku
Labor & Social Security Law

Labor & Social Security Law: Our company, in order to prevent disputes arising from Labor Law; provides legal counseling services in vs.

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Marka ve Patent Hukuku
Trademark & Patent Law

Our office renders lawyering and consultancy services of making recommendations on the decisions to be made by Turkish Patent Institute (TPE), providing....

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Medya & Telekominikasyon & IT
Medya & Telekomünikasyon & IT

Our office provides legal consultancy services on licensing of products, software agreements and e-commerce. Legal advice service...

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iş ve sosyal güvenlik hukuku
Insurance Law

Küresel Law and Consultancy provides services with its lawyers and sector consultants specialized in Insurance Law in all areas of

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